Get found with more reviews on google

Be the obvious choice for people who find you online through reviews. Stand out on the sites that matter by easily collecting hundreds of customer reviews. Increase your monthly review count twofold in under two months, boosting both website visits and physical customer traffic to your business.

  • Increase Online Presence
  • Get reviews Automatically
  • Send Review request to previous Customers
  • Easily integrate with Google
  • Beat your competition with more reviews.
  • Average 50+ reviews per month.
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How Reviews Automation works

Setting Up Your Review Automation System

Easy Integrating with Your Website and Social Media

Automated Review Request Strategies

Upon booking an appointment, customers get instant confirmation emails. Following their appointment, they'll receive an automated review request to share their feedback.

Leveraging Customer Feedback

Our software streamlines the review process, making it easy for happy customers to share their positive experiences on Google.

Advanced Automation Features

Upon receiving a Google review, our software acknowledges the feedback and expresses their gratitude through an automated response.

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Erhalten Sie Kundenbewertungen automatisch

Das Sammeln neuer Bewertungen war noch nie so einfach. Techahoi leitet Kunden an Top-Bewertungsseiten weiter, um dort ihr Feedback zu teilen.

Monitor all your reviews in one place

Access all your customer reviews for any location and from any source in one dashboard.

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Check the Most asked Questions

By increasing the volume and frequency of customer reviews, this software can significantly improve your business’s online visibility and reputation, potentially leading to increased trust and customer engagement.
Techahoi notify businesses of negative reviews, allowing for prompt responses. Our software handles bad reviews by not redirecting them to google.
The software sends automated messages to customers after a purchase or service experience, inviting them to leave a review. These messages can be customized and sent through various channels like email, SMS, or social media platforms.
Techahoi review automation software adheres to the guidelines set by review platforms like Google and Yelp, ensuring that the review process is compliant and ethical.

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