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Our solutions

All the tools you need to grow in one place. Don't let another lead slip through the cracks. Connect to our software today and revolutionize your lead capture with Automations

Web Development

Get a free website tailored to your business goals. Experience the power of digital presence, customized for success.


Custom Website
Responsive Web design

Online reviews

Automate your online reviews and never miss any review with a few simple clicks and respond to reviews in one place.


Reviews on Autopilot
Increase visibilty on Google

Missed Call Text back tool

Eliminate missed calls with our automated call response system. Connect your phone and Automate your Business.


Never Miss Any call
Send an automate text back

All In one Inbox

Manage your messages with a single inbox for text messages, Facebook messages, Google messages and more.


Recieve messages At one Place
Reply At one Place

Chat payment

Streamline customer invoicing and collect payments via SMS. Get your money fast and keep the conversation alive. 


Payment Integration
Invoice Messaging


Engage your website visitors exactly when they come in. Live chat makes the conversation happen in real time.


Instant Communication
24/7 Availability

Our Approach

At Techahoi, we believe automation isn't just about replacing tasks, it's about unlocking your business' true potential. We're not talking cookie-cutter templates here - our flexibility and customization ensure your workflows and processes flow seamlessly, optimized for maximum efficiency and results. It's time to break free from limitations and embrace the power of effortless automation. Let's take your success to the next level, together.


Unlock the potential of your business.

We believe in delivering tailored solutions that are designed to address your unique requirements. We take the time to understand your business and provide personalized services such as website, Reputation Managment, Hosting and appointment booking and many more that align with your goals.

  • Customized Solutions

    Reputation Management, Website, Appointment booking.

  • Quality Reliability

    Rest Assure with our 24/7 Customer service!



Learn how businesses like yours are able to use Techahoi


“"When you adopt the right technology, it can be a great equalizer. It can enable small businesses to win."”

Mateo Daniel

Real Estate Owner

“"If you're a retailer, I would suggest you use Techahoi. It gives you direct access to your customers, and they're going to be happier because of it."”

Luke Julian

Restaurant Owner

“"When we first signed up with Techahoi we had a couple hundred reviews, now we have over 3,000."”

Elias Josiah

Construction worker

“As a Tailor, building stronger customer relationships is key. I chose Techahoi which grants direct access to your audience, leading to improved satisfaction and loyalty. ”

Colton Roman

Tailor Shop Owner

Choose Your Plan

Techahoi is delighted to unveil our competitive pricing strategy, designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Select the package that aligns with your company's scale or reach out for tailored recommendations!


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