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Our solutions

Simplify billing customers and use SMS to get money. Everything you require to thrive in a single location. Inspect that there are no more possibilities getting lost in the cracks. Connect to our software right now to use Automations to transform your lead capture.

Web Development

Get a website designed with your business objectives in mind. Discover the power of a success-oriented digital presence.


Custom Website
Responsive Web design

Web Development

Get a free website tailored to your business goals. Experience the power of digital presence, customized for success.


Custom Website
Responsive Web design

Online reviews

With a few quick clicks, you can automate your online reviews, ensure that you never miss any, and reply to reviews all in one location.


Reviews on Autopilot
Increase visibilty on Google

Missed Call Text back tool

With our automated call response system, you may get rid of missed calls. Link your phone, then automate your company.


Never Miss Any call
Send an automate text back

All In one Inbox

Messages from Facebook, Google, and other platforms may all be managed from a single inbox.


Recieve messages At one Place
Reply At one Place

Chat payment

Simplify billing customers and use SMS to get money. Quickly receive your money while continuing the chat.


Payment Integration
Invoice Messaging


Simplify billing customers and use SMS to get money. Engage visitors to your website as soon as they land. The chat takes place in real time using live chat.


Instant Communication
24/7 Availability

Find out how companies similar to yours might using Techahoi


“"When you adopt the right technology, it can be a great equalizer. It can enable small businesses to win."”

Mateo Daniel

Real Estate Owner

“"As a retailer, I would advise you to use Techahoi. It gives you direct access to your customers, and they're going to be happier because of it."”

Luke Julian

Restaurant Owner

“"When we first signed up with Techahoi we had a couple hundred reviews, now we have over 3,000."”

Elias Josiah

Construction worker

“Establishing more solid client ties is essential for tailors. I went with Techahoi because it gives you direct connection to your audience, which increases customer happiness and loyalty.”

Colton Roman

Tailor Shop Owner

Our Approach

At Techahoi, we think automation can help you realize the full potential of your company rather than just replace repetitive jobs. We're not talking about generic templates here; instead, our adaptability and customisation guarantee that your procedures and workflows operate smoothly and are maximized for effectiveness and output. It's time to embrace the power of seamless automation and break free from constraints. Together, let's push your success to new heights.


Unlock the potential of your business

Simplify billing customers and use SMS to get money. We are committed to providing specialized solutions that are made to meet your particular needs. We take the time to get to know your company in order to offer tailored services that support your objectives, like website development, reputation management, hosting, appointment scheduling, and much more.

  • Customized Solutions

    Reputation Management, Website, Appointment booking.

  • Quality Reliability

    Rest Assure with our 24/7 Customer service!




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