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Connect with leads and customers SMS, Live Chat, Bulk Messaging, Google My Business and Facebook news.

  • Single Inbox
  • Cross-Platform Integration
  • Centralized Messaging
  • Streamlined Chats
  • All-in-One Chat
  • Integrated Messaging (FB-Insta)
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How it works

Seamless Connectivity.

Connect seamlessly with Facebook, Instagram, and Google, bringing all conversations into one accessible location for efficient communication management.

Social Media Sync.

Synchronize your messaging across different social media platforms to maintain consistent engagement without switching between apps.

Unified Dashboard.

Utilize a single dashboard to monitor, respond, and manage communications from multiple channels, enhancing your response efficiency.

Instant Notifications.

Receive real-time alerts for messages from any connected platform, ensuring you never miss an important conversation or lead.

Social Integration Tools.

Leverage tools that integrate smoothly with existing social media channels, adding functionality without disrupting user experience.


Higher conversion

Reviews Requested via SMS vs. Reviews Requested by Email.


of the messages are read

Texts have a 99% open rate. 95% of these texts are written within 5 minutes read.


faster than calling

Text messaging is the new standard for quick and easy communication.

All customers Interactions in one Unified inbox

With our solution you will no longer miss a chat, review, survey or recommendation. Now all customer interactions are collected centrally in your inbox so you can respond immediately.

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Great words of customers

Techahoi’s unified inbox helps customers get leads faster so they don’t miss out on customers.

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Robert Wills

Techahoi helps me never miss a chat conversation with potential leads again. It used to be a hassle to find customer messages, but now it's easy and they're all in one place.

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Shannon Hanrahan
Restaurant owner

Customers used to message me on multiple platforms, and it wasn't uncommon for me to take weeks to see their messages. Now I see them instantly in the same message thread, so I can serve my customers faster and better.

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Check The Most Asked Questions

An all-in-one messaging platform is a centralized system that aggregates messages from multiple social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Google into one interface, simplifying communication management for businesses.
The platform uses APIs and integration tools to sync with your business's accounts on various social channels, allowing you to send and receive messages from one central location.
Yes, the all-in-one messaging platform allows you to reply to messages from all connected social media accounts directly through a unified inbox.
Absolutely, the platform maintains comprehensive conversation histories for each customer, regardless of the social media channel, so you can provide personalized and informed customer service.
Yes, the platform offers automation features such as chatbots that can be programmed to respond to frequently asked questions, providing instant support to customers across all connected platforms.

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